Top 10 Common WordPress Mistakes

In this post, we will tell you about some of the mistakes that newbie bloggers often make. If you are new on wordpress now, then you must read this post. Because in this post you will get to know about some such WordPress mistakes which almost new bloggers make and it also becomes their biggest mistake. If you know about these mistakes then you will try to be safe from it, so that you will not have to face troubles in future.

Mistakes happen to every human being, but sometimes we also make such mistakes, due to which we have to suffer a lot later. That’s why our understanding is that we should try to avoid those mistakes from now. It is also true that by correcting mistakes we get to learn something new. If we have any problem, we should deal with it and fix it, it gives us some new learning.

Right now a lot of people use WordPress itself and many want to create their own site in WordPress, because it is very easy to manage it. There are many futures in it, so that you can manage your site easily and in this you can also design well without coding knowledge. If you also want to make your blog in WordPress, then this post can be helpful for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about some such mistakes of WordPress that almost new users do and this causes them to face a lot of problems later. If you know about these mistakes, then hopefully you will be saved from these mistakes.

10 WordPress mistakes to Avoid them.

1. Choosing The Wrong Platform: or (Self hosted)? This conclusion is in the minds of all the people, who will be better. If this question comes in your mind too, then no problem, we will try to explain you here in short. If you want to know in details then you read this post. VS Which is better for everyone.

In short, is absolutely free and is hosted in wordpress itself. You do not get full control in this. I mean, you can not install the plugin in it, you cannot upload the customized theme (only use the themes of the wordpress directory) and apart from that you will not find many futures that you will be using will be found in wordpress.

Now let’s talk about is absolutely free but you have to buy hosting + domain yourself and it will take charge. In this, you get a lot of futures and you can design your site according to it and you can look as you like. The best future in this is that you can easily manage (without coding) through the plugin. You can have customized theme, plugin etc. You can upload and use it. Apart from this, you will also find many futures in it.

Now I want to tell you one thing that if you want to build a site for your business or to earn money online, then will be better for this. I am telling you a story of yours, so that you can understand it well. Before creating this blog, I had created a blog which was in and I wrote about 150 posts in it. Actually, I had created that blog so that I have a little knowledge of using wordpress and when I create my blog in, I can manage it easily. After some time the wordpress team deleted that blog and no one had received any notice before us. I did not even have a backup of that blog, so all my data was wasted and hard work was also wasted. I wrote 150 posts on that blog in 6 months and I could not make a single money, so I felt very sad about this. By the way, I do not share much personal information and I shared it here so that you also do not make mistakes like me.

If you want to do business online or want to earn money online, then choose by buying self hosting + domain and if you want to create your personal blog or learn to use WordPress, then you can create your blog in Can be

2. Choosing Bad Hosting:

It is also a common mistake of the new blogger that when they think about creating a blog on wordpress, then the hosting does not take from any good company. Due to this mistake, they have a lot of trouble later.

In my case, I still come across 1 – 2 massages every day, which claims to offer me hosting with good facility at the lowest price and I know about them that all this is absolutely fraud. If you have come across such a massage and once you have been tempted to buy hosting once, then your bad days have come. It will give you some discount in just the first time payment and later its price will be very high and when you do not renewal, you will steal your blog data and use them incorrectly.

That is why you will request from all friends to buy hosting from popular hosting company like Hostgator, BlueHost, Godaddy only. To buy hosting in these companies, it will cost you a little more money but will remain tension free. If you take hosting in a special occasion i.e. a festival then you can get more than 50% discount. If you ever have a problem, you can contact these companies by phone or mail to know the solution to your problem. Along with this, the data of your site will be safe here.

3. Installing A WordPress Theme from a Bad Source:

I know, not everyone is able to buy any premium wordpress theme. If someone has money, he does not have a source to pay and if someone has a source to pay, then he is short of money. Apart from this, due to some other reasons, many wordpress users like to use the free theme in their site.

I have seen that many people download free themes from some unknown site. If you do this too, then I want to tell you that it can cause you a lot of damage later. Mostly, hackers do such that they design a good theme and publish it and when someone installs that theme in their blog then all their data goes to the hacker and the owner of the blog is not even aware. is. That is why if you want to use free theme in your site, then its best source is WordPress theme directory. In this, you will get thousands of free themes. Apart from this, Theme Hybrid, Arras Theme, Smashing Magazine is also a great source for downloading free themes.

Some people also do this that use the nulled theme in their site. That is, download and use the cracked version of a paid theme from the internet for free. Whoever does this, perhaps they do not know that this mistake can make the END of their blogging life. Because I can tell you that no other company does the nulled version of the paid theme, but only the company of the original theme makes the nulled version of that theme and makes this version for the purpose that people who use that theme He never even thought about using the nulled version. If you do not have money, then you can use a free theme with a good design. But if you want to make a career, then do not make the mistake of using the theme or plugin of the nulled version by mistake too !!

4.Using too much Scripts:

If you are a developer, then you will know that when there is more script load in any site, then it has its effect from the visitor of our site to SEO. JavaScript loads very slowly and when a site contains javascript, the loading speed of the site slows down. After this, CSS also loads a little slower.

I have seen a lot of people that they use Javascript more in the matter of giving better look to their site and also use CSS a lot. If those who do this, then perhaps they should know that this has a very bad effect on the loading of its site. Let me tell you that it is also in the Google webmaster guidelines to use JavaScript at least in the site. This means that it will also directly affect the SEO of your site.

Reduce the use of JavaScript in your site as much as possible and do not use the theme in which more javascript is used in your blog. Design your site simple, this will reduce the use of javascript and css in the site. If you have money then you can use Genesis Theme. I also use the theme of Genesis in my blog and it has given me much better results.

5. Using the Default Permalink Structure:

When we install WordPress blog, its permalink in default is something like this. The number it contains is the ID of the post or page that is in the database. Many people do not setup the permalink structure and leave it as the default. This type of permalink will not affect the visitor much, but it has a lot of impact in SEO.

When we install new wordpress, we should make the permalink structure SEO friendly as soon as possible. With this, in the search engine, we can show our post in a good position. If you want to change the permalink of your wordpress blog, then go to ‛Admin Dashboard» Sittings »Permalink’. Here you will have some options in front of you, but you have to select the post name.

After selecting the Post name option, make Save changes. After that when you write a post, its permalink will be something like this.

I want to give you a tip that whenever you write a post, there will be an option to edit permalink there. By clicking on this option, you enter SEO friendly permalink according to yourself and remember one thing that permalink should be different from post title. If the title and permalink of the post will remain the same, then SEO will work equally and when different, it will be good.

6. Considered Rename Uncategorized Category:

When we create our blog on WordPress, a category is already added. Whose name is Uncategorized. It is in the default category but we should rename it. Many people do not know how to rename it, then they leave it as is. If you change it, it will affect both the visitor and SEO.

If you have to rename Uncategorized category, then you go to Admin Dashboard »Posts» Categories of your blog. After that, Uncategorized will be written here and click on Quick Edit below it.

Now you enter the name of a topic related to your blog and also enter the same category name in the slug. After that click on update category and save it. Now the uncategorized category is renamed.

7. Staying With The Default Tagline “Just Another Blog”:

Your site’s tagline means “What is your site about?” it happens. In this, you have to write a few words about your site. When we create a blog on wordpress, by default our tagline is “Just Another Blog” This is not perfect for the SEO and visitor of our blog. That is why we have to change it.

When someone opens our blog in their browser, only the tagline of the blog shows at the top. The first title is followed by the tagline, and in SEO, the tagline is very important. When someone searches about our site in Google, then only the tagline, URL and description of our site is shown. That is why we should change the default tagline of our blog and add custom tagline.

If you want to change the tagline of your blog, for this go to the Admin Dashboard »Sittings» General of your blog. Here is a few words to write about your blog in the box in front of Tagline. After that make it to Changes.

8. Taken Care About Security:

Now many people forget about security after installing WordPress blog. Those people think that I have chosen the password and username from my heart, how can anyone know this? Perhaps he does not know how much the number of hackers has increased these days. I saw many blogs, which hacker had hacked. That is, if in simple terms, hacker is also targeting bloggers in the recent times. In such a situation, if bloggers do not pay attention to security, then it will be a mistake after them.

Many people do not change the username when they install wordpress i.e. the default username is “Admin”. This is not good for security, because the hacker can easily get the password through the username. That is why the default username (Admin) should be changed.

After this, many people do not have a strong password, so I want to tell them that the biggest key to WordPress is the password itself. Because anyone can find the admin username. That is why let the password be more than the 8 character and use the symbol, alphabet, number in the password.

9. Ignoring WordPress & Plugin Updates:

All wordpress users use the plugin in their site and the difference is that some less plugin is used and some more plugin is used. The plugin that we use in our blog also has an owner who develops that plugin. All developers want to add more futures to their plugin so that their users like it more. That is why he adds a new future to the plugin. When there are changes in a plugin, the user has to update the plugin only then its new version is installed.

I have seen many wordpress users that they do not update the plugin. Whoever does this, I want to tell them that if you use a plugin for a long time and you will not update it, then this is an example of the way you keep iron in the ground for more days, then it will get junk. In the same way, if you do not update the plugin, then virus will come in it. The biggest thing is, when you update a plugin, there will be a new version and in it you will get new futures.

Along with this we should also pay attention to WordPress update. If you do not update WordPress, it may cause the security of your site to be lost. Meaning that the chances of your site being hacked are high. The WordPress team always wants to give better convenience to its users and that is why they keep adding new futures to WordPress. When the new version of WordPress is launched, its notification is found on your blog’s Admin Dashboard. When you login in the Admin Dashboard of your blog, some such notification will show there.

Here you can update your WordPress by clicking on Please Update Now. This will bring new futures to your blog and will improve the security of your blog. That is why we should not miss wordpress updates.

10 judging taking Backup:

Don’t you regularly backup your blog? So I understand this will be your biggest mistake. Many years of hard work have been wasted due to this mistake. I too had made such a mistake in starting, but while talking to a big blogger, he told me to take regular backup of the blog. Because we were new at that time and there was an issue daily. Since then I keep taking backup of my blog weekly.

You will know that nothing is safe on the internet right now and the number of hackers is increasing. If you read tech news, then you must be reading regularly about hacking. In such a situation, if we give hackers a little chance, then it will be our biggest mistake and due to this mistake, our years of hard work can also be wasted. That is why the best way to get rid of all these tension is that we keep regular backup of our blog.

If someone hacks our blog and we will have its backup, then we can restore and create our own blog. If you want to backup your WordPress blog then you can also use UpdraftPlus, VaultPress, Duplicator. Also if you have to manually backup then read this post. WordPress Ka Backup Manually Kaise Lete Hai?


I hope you have come to know about the common mistakes of WordPress. If you are a WordPress user then you should avoid these mistakes. If you have any questions related to this post, then comment. If you like the post, share it.

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