How To Set Up Blocker Disable Messages In Website

If you are an old Adsense user, then you would know that now it is not possible to earn as before. The biggest reason for this is Ad Blocker. Ad blocking feature has been added to almost all browsers. This blocks our ad and does not show ads to the visitor. Almost all bloggers are upset because of this. If you are also troubled by this, then today I am going to tell you the solution.

Today, there are many advertising companies. In which Adsense and are considered the best advertising network. These two companies are the most reliable and good company. They provide much better CPC to their user. Apart from these, there are many advertising companies but users are not satisfied with them.

If you are a blogger then you must have known or heard about Adsense and Not everyone can show their ads in their site. Because it has some rules. If your site follows their rules, then only you will be able to use it.

Almost Hindi bloggers use Adsense only in their blogs. This is the main source of their earning. We can income from Indian traffic in a few ways. You can not make more affiliate income than the traffic here. Since people in India do very little online shopping. Because of which affiliate is also not perfect for us. Right now we can only call advertising perfect.

By the way, the CPC of adsense in India is very low. But still it helps us. If you are also a Hindi blogger, then you too must be using Adsense ads in your blog. Because it provides the better feature. With this you can earn more than other ad network.

If you use advertising for a long time in your blog, then you must have noticed that now adsense earns less than before. The biggest reason for this is Ad Blocker. This prevents ads from appearing in our blog. Due to which our visitors do not see ads.

It’s been a while since Ad Blocker was launched. It was launched about 1 year ago. Right now Ad Blocker feature has been added in almost all browsers. When someone opens our site by opening an ad blocker in their browser, they do not see advertising in our site.

Most people in India use Opera Browser or UC Browser in mobile. This is both browser superfast. In this, the site becomes very fast loading. If we talk about chrome browser, then there is total script loading of the site. But opera aur uc browser has such a feature that after turning on the lite version of the site is open. Because of which the user understands that there is a very fast browser. Both of these browsers have Ad Blocker Facility available.

Right now ad blocker feature is being added in almost all browsers. Really, it benefits the users that this will make the site load faster. But this is a big problem for bloggers like us. This has impacted our and all your earning. If your site gets 10000 visitors then more than 4000 visitors will be using Adblocker. This has reduced Bloggers’ earnings by more than 40%.

What is AdBlocker?
I have also told you a little bit about it above, if you have not understood, then let me tell you that Ad Blocker is a software, browser extension or a mobile app that prevents advertising from being loaded in any site. When you open the site in the browser, it basically blocks the ads from loading in the site, so that the ads are not displayed.

If we talk in simple terms, it increases the user experience but is reducing the interest of bloggers. Due to this, millions of people quit blogging. Because they are not able to earn according to their work. If you use uc browser or opera mini then ad blocker has already been added to it. If you want to add it to firefox, chrome also, then its extension has to be installed.

Developers say that it will make the site load faster. Which will make users much easier. According to me, it will benefit users a little bit, but due to this, millions of people will be lost. You must have heard a saying that you make holes in the plate you eat. The people who made Ad Blocker did this. Because a blogger works very hard to write a post so that he can earn something from it. But if adblocker blocks ads then how will it be able to earn.

If there is a blog and website, then there is a browser and if there is a browser, then only the user is there. From this you must have understood that the most important website or blog is. Because when the site is not there, what is the work of the browser? Those who made it should think a little deeper. If the user has a little trouble then it will work, but if a blogger or site owner has trouble then it will not work. Because bloggers work awake overnight and spend money behind their blog.

Well, all this is my personal opinion. Hope you understand. Developers have somehow made an adblocker, but they say that everything has a solution. Now other developers have made their way to avoid it.

Meaning developers have now created anti adblock script. You can detect the adblocker user by using it in your blog, then you can prevent them from showing the content as well as massage show. To avoid this, we have the best option. If we use it, then when someone opens the site by turning on the adblocker in their browser, then the content will be hidden there and a massage will be seen in its place. Let us now learn about it in a little more detail.

How to Show Content Hide Massage for AdBlock User in Website?

Like we told in the headline that the script we will tell you, if you add it to your site, then when someone visits AdBlocker ON in our browser and visits our site, then there will be massage show instead of content.

In this massage, the user will be told that you have done Ad Blocker ON. OFF AdBlocker to proceed. This will allow the user to disable AdBlocker from their browser and visit again.

This can increase your earning by up to 50%. I would like to say one more thing that some people do not know how to disable AdBlocker in their browser. So if they have a massage show in our site instead of post, then they go back. So in the massage short also write how to disable AdBlocker.

Now we will tell you about adding Anti AdBlock Script in the blog below. Let us tell you that you can add this script to blogger, wordpress or any custom website too. It is also very easy to add it. We are telling you the whole process below.

The code we are telling you below, you have to add it to the body section of your blog. Javascript, CSS and HTML are used in this. This load will be loaded within 300ms. Its biggest feature is that it detects various types of adblocker. I have tested this in browsers like UC Browser, Opera Mini and Firefox.

.blhi-adcnt{background:#fff;color:#222;width:98%;max-width:900px;color:#222;padding:2%;font-size:22px;margin:5% auto;line-height:2em;text-align:center}
.blhi-adds a{text-decoration:underline;color:#ff0000}
.blhi-adcnt a{color:#ff0000;text-decoration:underline}
.blhi-adcnt h2{font-weight:bold;background:#ff0000;padding: 2px 3px 2px 3px;color:#fff;size:24px}
.blhi-rld {position:fixed;bottom:0;right:0;padding-right:4px;background:#222323;padding:1px 2px 1px 2px;text-align:center;font-weight:700;color:#fff}
.blhi-rld a{color:#fff}
.blhi-adb .crd{font-size:5px;color:#CBCBCB;bottom:0;position:fixed;left:0}
<script type="text/javascript">
var blogantiadblockdelay = 1000; // Load Hone Ke Kitne Second Me Massage show Karna Hai (1 sec = 1000)
 function blogantiadblock() {
  document.getElementById("blhi-adb").style.display = "block";
}, blogantiadblockdelay);
function blogantiadblocksuccess() {
 <div class="blhi-adb" id="blhi-adb">
 <div class='blhi-adcnt'>
 <p>बिना Advertising दिखाए हम अपने ब्लॉग को मैनेज करने में असमर्थ हैं।</p>
<p class="blhi-adds">कृपया AdBlocker Disable करके फिर से <a href="">Reload</a> करें।</p>
 <a class="blhi-rld" href="">Reload Page</a>
<script defer type="text/javascript" src="" onerror="blogantiadblock();" onload="blogantiadblocksuccess();"></script>
<a class="crd" href="" rel="external">Get Script</a>

I am also showing you its screenshot below. After adding this script to the blog, when someone visits your blog, there will be some such massage show.

If the loading speed of your site will not affect much. I have designed it with CSS. If you know coding then you can customize it too. Now we are telling you the code of Anti AdBlocker below. You copy it. After that we will explain how to add it in different platforms below.

For wordpress

You have to add this code anywhere in the body area of ​​your blog. We will show two ways here. If you are a Genesis user, then follow the 1st method. If you use some other theme, then follow the 2nd method.

Only for Genesis:

If you are using Genesis theme in your blog then login to your blog. After that go to Dashboard »Genesis» Theme Sittings. Now, paste the copied code above in the box with Footer Scripts below and save the changes.

Other Method:

If you use any other theme, follow this method for this. For this, you have to login to your blog. After that go to Appearance »Editor and open the Header.php file and paste the code copied under into it. After that, save the changes.

For Blogger

If your blog is on Blogger then you can still use this script. For this, after logging into Blogger, you have to go to Themes »Edit HTML. Now has to be found here and paste the copied code after . Now save it.


Now open the blog and try Adblocker ON in your browser. If your browser does not already have this option, then install AdBlock Plus. After that try to visit your blog. Now you will start having some kind of massage show.

The Anti Adblock Script that we have shared detects almost all adblocker. We have also tested in some browsers. It is working perfect for us. If you have any problem face then please tell in the comment.

Friends, I hope that this post will prove to be very good and useful for all of you. If you use it in your blog, then you will earn more than before. If you like this post, then tell friends about it. Share it on social media.