Professional Blogging Tips

Professional Blogging Tips

Who is not familiar with the word ‘blogging’ today? But it is only ironic that we still stand far behind from ‘Professional Blogging Tips’. Although awareness has slowly increased in this regard, I personally feel that there is a lot of confusion in this relationship which leaves a negative impact on the progress of Indian bloggers, especially On english and regional language bloggers.

The reason for this can generally be said that the availability of content to improve the blog in these languages ​​is less and whatever it is, instead of explaining the topic in aggregate, it would be limited to technical tips of blogging. is. Let us see what are the possibilities in this field, then in what ways can we take it further:

Why blog (why a blog is important): In today’s technological era, in a way it explores you. In a slightly extended way, ‘blogging’ is an internet-accessible means of presenting what you think, what you say in an organized way, with the help of information technology. Your personal memories, professional experience, social thinking can be saved here in the form of text, photos, audio and video (text, images, audio, video content), but the real story starts after that.

Certainly till a few years ago people in India used to take ‘blog’ as an eagerness and hobby, but now they have started thinking about earning through blogging. If I tell my personal experience, many new and old bloggers ask me on the mail, on the phone, ‘How do I earn from my blog?’ Or this question is something like ‘What is the reason for not earning from my blog?’ (how to improve my blog traffic) At that time, I ‘encourage’ those people, but to be honest, even 1% of the blogs I do not see whose direction as a whole is correct and this results in ‘disappointment’. Arrival is almost certain. In this article, we will try to understand the issues and solutions of blogs.

Blogging platform and its scope are confusions (wordpress and blogger which is better): Although there are many platforms available to create a free blog, and an Indian blogger is better in the beginning, but understanding their time and scope is also very important. is. Obviously, all these platforms have their own facilities and so have their flaws. If I go by the answer, there is nothing better than the self-hosted wordpress blog of! This platform is not only open source blog, but also the most popular and successful platform in the world.

Thousands of themes and plugins are available for free (themes and plugins for wordpress), which will cost you millions if you want to custom-develop them. Although there is no shortage in this platform, but it has two big issues at the level of initial blogging, due to which you should not choose it to start a blog. The first problem comes with its hosting blog, which goes beyond Rs 3 thousand annually in different companies.

Many people will say that 3 thousand rupees annually is not a big amount, but the real problem comes when the number of viewers on your website increases (increasing blog views). In technical parlance, the ‘bandwidth’ of the shared price hosting above starts tricking your website and then the hosting companies start talking about increasing the price for increasing bandwidth, which increases from Rs 3 thousand annually to 5 to 10 thousand months.

(VPS from shared hosting and then dedicated hosting – shared hosting vps or dedicated server). No … No … Raising their price is not illegal, but the question arises that why would you want to take so much risk in the beginning? Apart from this, there are also problems such as backup wordpress blog posts, then you also have the responsibility of security risks of blogs, which if you do not have technical knowledge.

Increases your dependence on paid-plugin such as ‘hire blog content writer / consultant blog’ or ‘WaltPress’. However, you can create a free blog on, the commercial version of this platform, but in its free blog, you cannot run your ads like ‘Adsense’ (blog and adsense).

Obviously, it is a bit expensive and confusing for you in the beginning, and in such a situation, it will be appropriate for you to use Google’s most popular blogging platform ‘blogger’. The drawback and quality of Google’s ‘’ is that it is very easy and user-friendly (most user friendly blog platform).

You will say that this is a good thing, but how it is lacking, the answer is that there is a lack of ‘research and research’ (research blogging) in it. Google has not updated in this for a long time, so like WordPress its user community is irrational about its strengths and drawbacks on the shortcomings. However, some websites like My Blogger Tricks definitely try to tell about its features and features (blogger tips tricks), and it is also very useful but still has a lot more possibilities than ‘WordPress’.

Another drawback of this is that it has a monopoly of Google. But wait, its drawbacks are not for those who want to start a blog. By using this platform, many blogs have reached the point that even websites built on ‘WordPress’ are seen flooding in front of them. Obviously, the whole issue is about research and continuous work that is done on content (Content), search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and overall your reader satisfaction and then user engagement ( user engagement blog tips).

The beauty of blogger is also that in this, you do not have to spend fifty-five rupees for anything, then you can easily earn it on the strength of your readers. You can also run your work by worrying about security and backup of blogger in a normal way, because Google’s strong blogging framework works behind it.

In this part of my article, I mainly mentioned two blog platforms, which are WordPress Self Hosted Blog and Google’s Blogger. Since, I have told the advantages and shortcomings of these two, so instead of getting confused, consider it in simple terms that you should choose Blogger two to three years after the start of blogging and if you have a good look at your blogging Comes and if you are able to pull more than ten thousand viewers every day from Blogger’s free blog, then you can go to WordPress.

By the way, if you acquire technical knowledge along with blogging of your subject, do experiments related to it, then you will not need to say anything further. Apart from WordPress and Blogger, self hosted CMS like Jumla, Drupal, Magento are also very popular, so free blogging platforms like Tumblr, LiveJournal are also very useful. It is not possible to give all these information in an article here, but in my other articles you can get information about them, then you will get a lot of information about them on the Internet and YouTube.

Making blog successful (tips for blog success): If you have chosen a blogging platform according to your needs, then you face a problem that how to make that blog successful. In any language, in any subject, you write a blog, 80% of the factor that contributes to the success, is the content! Yes, in the blogging world, content is called ‘King’ (Content is King). Today, all social media like Facebook are also proving to be able to spread their influence and the same person’s page, profile or post is ‘viral’ (most viral blog posts), is the most shared, which has the power of content.

This is true not only for Facebook, but for the entire Internet business. If you want to earn money through any medium of internet, then you have to keep your content presentation weighty. If original, good, even if it is not there, its presentation should definitely be different and effective. With this, related photos, links, quotes in your content are used to increase its weight. Now prepare a good content, with the headings, you put it on the blog (Blogger) or put it on the CMS website (WordPress) and give it a link on Facebook and other social media.

Then in search of good content, traffic comes from various social accounts and search engines on your website (increase search engine traffic blogger). Paid blog promotion of your blog-post can also be used in many cases. If you start putting solid content (professional content for professional blogging) on ​​your blog, then you are sure to be 80% successful. In this case, some precautions (blogging) are also very important, which you should keep in mind. For example, hurryers get frustrated and get out of the ground very quickly.

It will take you 6 months to 1 year or two years to understand this market and reach some earning level. That too when you give more than 2 hours regularly every day. So if it is early, do not start this work. The second caution is like ‘copy copy’ in ‘blogger’. By copying and pasting someone else’s content, you will do your hard work, and ultimately it will be of no use. Neither your audience for your blog will be created, nor will it get any ranking on the Internet, but your website or blog will only have bad credit.

If you get an idea of ​​an idea or concept from a website, then its presentation must be kept separately (presentation of your blog). In this sequence, trying to increase a little technical understanding will be beneficial for you. Understanding how to manage a blog or website, what is onpage seo (on page seo blogger), tag, level, image alt text ((tag, image, alt text)) etc. will definitely yield better results.

To increase traffic in today’s time, you can also use other social networks like Facebook (best social networking sites for traffic) carefully. Like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus etc., then try to develop your content according to the mobile device and its users (responsive blogging), because now online has become mobile, not computer. It is coming out in many researches that 70% of online content readers have now moved rapidly towards the shift to mobile. Obviously, if you keep your content, blog according to the computer user, then you may have to be disappointed.

Let me tell you never get caught in such misconception that by clicking here, clicking there, mailing you will earn money online (click and earn money is false policy). Do not take paid membership anywhere in the beginning to earn together. Many websites give such a hoax that if you take a membership of so many dollars, you will earn that much. It is absolutely fraud, a false trap to trap you, which ultimately does not leave any effort to exploit you.


To measure the quality of a website, you can check its rank on alexa ranking for blogs. With this, there is no other way to increase the quality of your website (website and blog quality) and other than continuous study. Yes, if you do not have time to study on technical subjects, you can also consult a professional professional blogger, but before working with him, the quality of the website or blog created by him and his Do take a closer look at Alexa Rank. Keep in mind, blogging is a well-known and lucrative career option in the world, so it is also growing very fast in India.

As the emphasis on ‘Digital India and blogging’ will increase and the speed of internet and its spread will widen, at the same speed the range of blogging and internet activities will also increase. So, with correct thinking and positive attitude, carefully move towards ‘professional blogging’! Believe it, moving slowly but firmly is the key to success in this field.

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