8 Tips To Save Money While Hosting [80% Save]

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how to save money while buying hosting? Because there are many new bloggers who never buy hosting before and they go on spending a lot of money. So read the post last so that you can buy hosting for less money.

In today’s time, if a good professional website is to be made, hosting is mandatory for that. If you want to create a good CMS website or develop a custom site, hosting is required for this. You must be aware that all the data hosting of your site stays in store. That is why you have to buy hosting to put your site on the internet.

If you are thinking about creating an online blog or website, then this can also be your first online investment. In such a situation, you need to know many things, otherwise if you make a mistake, you can spend more money. Like I had made my first online investment to buy hosting from Hostgator, in which I had made many mistakes, which I later regretted.

Actually, when I first purchased hosting from hostgator, it was only for three months due to not having much money. For the first time I got 50% discount but after three months renewal got only 10% discount. Which I was very sorry for.

Many similar saris go wrong. Apart from this, some people also do that with hosting, they also buy the domain from hostgator itself. The domain in Hostgator is very expensive. When you take with hosting, you may give some discount but you will be charged regular price at the time of renewal. So it would be better to buy domain from Godaddy or other good provider.

In this post, I am going to tell you some tips, by which you can save money while buying hosting. This post will be very useful for those who have never purchased hosting before. So let’s talk about this now.

7 Quick Tips for Saving Money in Hosting.

1: Start with Shared Hosting

Most people, who never buy hosting, get confused in hosting type while buying hosting. Hosting is of many types and it is selected according to its requirement. But new people do not even have some basic knowledge about hosting type.
In such a situation, many people buy VPS or any other expensive plan in the beginning itself, which does not benefit them and also costs money. I would like to tell you that if you want to start a business website or blog, then you will not need any expensive hosting in the beginning. Because at that time you will not have much traffic and the size of your site will also be very less.

Shared hosting is best for Starting. Because after starting a blog, it takes a lot of time to get traffic in it. And 10K + traffic per day is easily handled in shared hosting. After that, if your hosting starts down then you can also change the plan.

2: Start with Basic Plan

It is also similar from the above point. People often make the mistake that they spend too much money by planning wrong hosting. Hosting providers offer many plans in the same shared hosting. You have to select the plan according to your requirement.

Like we also mentioned above that you do not need much space and bandwidth in starting. Because at that time there is not much content uploaded in our site and traffic is not too much. In such a situation, we should choose the plan according to our need carefully.

Many people waste money on starting with unlimited plans. If you have money, you can take unlimited ones, but I would suggest that in starting you can save money by selecting a limited plan. Then later you can also change plan.

3: Buy Domain from Godaddy / Bigrock

I have also mentioned about this above and once told that in India Godaddy and Bigrock provide domains at a very good price. Apart from this, if you buy the domain from Hostgator or Bluehost, then it will take you more expensive. Although give you some discount for the first year, but will take more money from you next year.

When some people buy hosting from bluehost or hostgator, they also buy the same domain due to some trouble. Bluehost and many other hosting gives in domain free for the first year but takes double the money from it for the second year. They all offer free to trap you. Those who are knowledgeable then later transfer their domain to godaddy.

4: Buy Hosting for long period:

When I bought hosting for the first time, the biggest thing I did was that I was hosting for just 3 months at that time. At that time there was an offer, in which I got 50% discount. I thought that 50% discount will also be available at the time of renewal. But in renewal I got only 10% discount. I talked to the sells team many times but there was only 10% discount in renewal. 50% was only for new users.

So, let us tell you in advance that any hosting company only give a discount of 50% or more to new users and they will give a maximum time of 10% of renewal only if you renew for at least one year. Only you will get So it would be better to buy a hosting for a long period in your starting point.

5: Use Coupon / Promo code

With this you can save a lot of your money. Most hosting providers continue to provide promo code to their affiliate users. By using which you can save a lot of money. Let us tell you that regular festivals are coming in India and in this occasion the hosting company gives a huge leave to its new customers.

You can get coupon code from a blogger or by talking to the support team of the hosting provider. By the way, die will soon get offers in the deal section of the blog.

6: Wait for Special Day.

In normal days the hosting provider can give you a discount of up to 30% only. But if you buy hosting in a special occasion, then you can get more discount. You will know that every day is special in India. Hosting companies are also looking for a good opportunity. Like Holi is over a few days ago. There was a 50% offer in this. If you were hosting hosting from Hostgator, Bluehost, Bigrock, you could get a discount of up to 50%.

If you want more discount, then wait for any festival or special day. Otherwise you can also buy 30% offer on regular day.

7: Dropping extra services

When you buy hosting from any hosting provider, in addition to the hosting paln, additional service packages like Sitelock, Backup, SEO etc will be added to it. You have to remove them. Otherwise, you will also be charged separately. If someone is more important to you, you can also take it. But right now you do not need all these. So remove them. You can buy these Hosting if needed.

8: Join affiliate

It may be a little advanced for normal people but it is a great way to save money. In this way, you will not pay the hosting company but the hosting company will give you money. In my case, I have also joined many affiliate company of hosting company. I have not made too much of it, but have earned money by buying the hosting of a friend of mine.

In the same way, you can earn money by joining affiliate. Let me also tell you that before buying the hosting, you somehow join the affiliate, after that you purchase the hosting from the affiliate link. You must know that popular hosting company pays us around 3000 for a sell. With this you can do extra saving.

Final words

Keep all these things in mind when purchasing hosting. Many people spend more money by mistake in the first time and then later there is a problem at the time of renewal. Apart from this, if you buy hosting on Black Friday, or Cyber ​​Monday, you can get a discount of 50% to 80%. For this, you have to stay a little time, because they only come once or twice a year.

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